Yasuko Kawakami
Court Translator & Business Communication Specialist

“I take this opportunity to extol the translation ability of Yasuko Kawakami Hamada who served as an English-Japanese translator in the case of Honeywell v. Minolta, that I presided over. Miss Hamada’s translations were clear and precise, enabling the trial to proceed in an orderly manner. Moreover, she appropriately understood the discipline of the legal process and was polite to all concerned, despite the occurrence of some annoying circumstances. Miss Hamada is pleasant and professional and enhanced my respect for the difficult task she engaged in. Although it would be improper for me to recommend her retention by others, I would not hesitate to welcome her return to my courtroom.” 

- Judge​, United States District Court, New Jersey -

“Yasuko Kawakami acted as interpreter for me in a four month civil trial in the Federal Court of New Jersey which involved very complex technical matters. She performed brilliantly in all aspects of the job including technical competence, her interaction with witnesses, opposing counsel, the court and the other checker interpreters that were representing opposing counsel. She was always very calm, dignified and intuitive under even the most stressful situations. She was clearly the best interpreter of all the attendant interpreters. We were under an extremely demanding time schedule and Ms. Kawakami was able to perform interpretation for hours with a ten minute break every hour. I unqualifiedly give Ms. Kawakami the highest endorsement.” 

- Litigation Attorney, Minnesota -

“As a court interpreter on behalf of the Office of the Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney, Yasuko was found by my deputies to be immensely professional and reliable. Her bi-lingual fluency and ability to quickly interpret to the satisfaction of all those present in the court made Yasuko an invaluable asset to our office.”

 - Prosecuting Attorney, City and County Of Honolulu -